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  • Federal, state, and local government agencies spend more than $140 billion annually on information technology, making the public sector a lucrative market for manufacturers of commercial hardware and software products. But while it holds tremendous sales potential, the government can be a complicated and risky place for many companies to do business.

    To succeed in this vast but complex market segment, you need access to a diverse mix of sales and marketing resources, relationships, contract vehicles, business processes, and domain knowledge. And that’s why hundreds of companies have relied on immixGroup since 1997.

    immixGroup® helps technology companies do business with the government. Our unique platform of services enables you to grow your public sector business and accelerate your sales cycle. As your government business aggregator, we provide the specialized resources and expertise you need to:

    • Increase your public sector revenue
    • Support your demand creators --- your direct sales teams and channel partners
    • Operate efficiently in your dealings with the government

    Accelerate Your Public Sector Sales

    At immixGroup, we understand how the government buys enterprise software and hardware products and how technology companies bring those products to market. Our public sector aggregation programs concentrate on the needs of commercial technology manufacturers like you and align our resources to support your business needs and unique go-to-market strategy.

    Our flexible Government Aggregation Platform brings together the value-added resources you need to grow your business and shorten your sales cycles.

    immixGroup Platform of Services

    Hundreds of technology manufacturers leverage our Government Aggregation Platform to:

    • Uncover sales opportunities through sales-oriented Market Intelligence deliverables
    • Create demand for their products in the public sector with targeted Marketing campaigns
    • Generate leads and schedule sales meetings through proactive Lead Generation activities
    • Build a more productive channel using our Channel Development capabilities
    • Reduce the cost and risk of selling to the government with our proven Government Business Infrastructure



    Grow your public sector business while reducing costs and minimizing risk. Contact immixGroup today!