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    4580 Klahanie Drive SE
    Issaquah, WA 98029


    Plateau Software provides solutions that streamline business processes and produce substantial Return on Investment to end-users. Plateau's applications focus on audit and compliance management, operations refinement, and cost avoidance/reduction.

    Plateau currently has a suite of applications designed for Environmental Compliance, Environmental Management Systems (EMS), and Health & Safety activities. Additional versions for other business needs, and industry specific designs are currently in development.

    All products provided by Plateau Software can be customized to meet specific needs expressed by our current and prospective customers. An overview of current product offerings are presented below. Plateau Software’s Compliance Solution Suite supports all current regulatory driven activities customized to each locale, and also customizable to your specific business practices.

    These Solutions provide a complete set of prepackaged and customized environmental management, audit controls and procedures for commercial businesses, municipal, provincial, state, and federal government agencies. Using Plateau Software’s Compliance Solution Suite, internal and external auditors can create, access and maintain unlimited audit findings, identify the applicable regulatory guidelines for each, identify root causes, choice the appropriate corrective actions, and track and manage the complete audit and compliance process through to resolution. Plateau Compliance Solutions also provide the reporting and management functionality need to meet a variety of client and regulatory guidelines.

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