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    Our mission is to help organizations make the most of their active security tools used for authentication and data protection, while providing a COST and PERFORMANCE effective solution to efficiently address the ever-increasing security challenges organizations face today.

    Secure Channels’ Agile Security Platform (ASP) approaches authentication and protecting data from an innovative platform that builds security into endpoints, applications, and networks from the inside out. Whether it’s securing access to your critical resources (with a 5-factor authentication approach that minimizes user effort) or protecting your data from breach, theft and misuse using our patented superencipherment solution, our Agile Security Platform allows organizations to take a modular approach to better suit their needs.

    Finally, what sets the Secure Channels solutions apart from other security solutions is in the design to be an agnostic solution.  Secure Channels recognizes for example, most organizations already use a key management system, so rather than introduce yet another key management system for access, SUBROSA seamlessly uses the organization’s existing key management system.  

    Secure Channels’ solutions are designed to be customizable to your environment without compromising the level of protection it provides while avoiding additional maintenance and support efforts by support teams.

    Dedicated delivery modes support both existing systems, applications and new development for data protection and access control.

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