• Improve Your Government Contract and Channel Visibility With Public Sector Insight

    To succeed in the government market, you need to be able to navigate the complexities of contract management and monitor channel sales, while growing your business. Without a clear vision of your channel ecosystem and customer buying patterns, you could easily overlook new sales opportunities, while exposing your business to unnecessary cost and risk.

    That’s why immixGroup developed Public Sector Insight. This cloud-based channel and contract management portal provides technology companies with the information, insight, and control they need to increase revenue, while more effectively managing channel programs and reducing risk.

    What is Public Sector Insight?

    Public Sector Insight is a software-as-a-service business intelligence tool that aggregates point-of-sale information in a secure, scalable portal. This platform uses the same proven, ISO-certified business processes that immixGroup has relied on to manage dozens of complex government contracts, hundreds of channel partners, and thousands of transactions since 1997. Through real-time analytics and on-demand reports, Public Sector Insight provides you with a panoramic view of your public sector business on everything from your channel sales revenue to contract compliance issues.

    Public Sector Insight Can Help Your Organization:

    Improve Control and Visibility of Your Channel

    Understand how much business each partner is doing on a granular level, including what products are the most profitable, under which contract vehicles, in which agency, for which territory.

    Manage Resources More Effectively

    Use business intelligence tools to identify your customer buying trends and reallocate sales resources in key growth areas.

    Make Strategic Decisions Faster and Smarter

    Forecast more efficiently through configurable reports and use key data elements to assess contract and partner performance.

    Minimize Cost and Risk

    Manage all of your contracts in a secure, scalable, web portal that allows you to ensure compliance, mitigate risk, and reduce costs.

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  • Testimonials

    • As we sought to expand and grow our channel program, the decision was made to leverage a relationship with immixGroup as the foundation of this. Having been part of their channel program now for a year I can say that every day immixGroup continues to impress. Their program is much more than just holding a GSA schedule. From outbound calling campaigns, to running all of our federal maintenance, and leveraging their marketing team to provide training for our customer base. immixGroup has been fantastic.

      John Bowman, Director of Federal Operations

      VBrick Systems

    • …immixGroup has been instrumental in many successes. They are capable of helping me do just about any business with clients. Everything from the most simple quote to the most difficult, time consuming, and technical procurement tasks. I appreciate immixGroup’s resources and expertise. They are a go-to when I need a partner that will really come through for me. I know I can count on immixGroup and will continue to do so.

      Gary Judy, Defense Account Manager


    • immixGroup takes a proactive approach, understanding the deals, working with our partners to assist and facilitate business, and executing flawlessly once the order arrives. They work tirelessly with our systems and teams to produce accurate and timely quotes and close deals – all while driving new business activity.

      Keith Weatherford, Director of Public Sector Channels

      McAfee, Inc.

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