• Protect Your Install Base. Grow Your Business

    Many companies have established successful renewals programs for their commercial business; however, these commercial programs rarely yield success in the public sector market as they generally do not accommodate for the complexities of the public sector procurement process.

  • For over 15 years, we have helped technology companies of all sizes grow and manage their public sector business. We can execute a successful install base program on your behalf by leveraging our extensive software and hardware knowledge – from enterprise to mid-market to emerging technologies. Our install base practice drives $250+ million in sales per year and has generated over $1 billion in service revenue since its inception in 2009.

    Protect, Predict, and Grow Your Public Sector Business

    immixGroup’s install base practice provides the expertise, processes, analytics, and reporting to:

    • Protect your revenue stream
    • Predict your renewals business more effectively
    • Grow your overall business by identifying new opportunities in your existing install base

    immixGroup has the in-house expertise, systems, and processes to manage any public sector renewals program. We can help you grow your install base revenue by:

    • Utilizing install base analytics tool to generate new business
    • Establishing baselines, metrics, and benchmarks for success through KPIs
    • Creating best practices for achieving revenue targets
    • Improving customer retention and loyalty

    By managing your book of business, we can help relieve the administrative burden and ensure on-time renewals rates, allowing your resources to focus on other initiatives.

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