• immixGroup's briefings on technology topics, agency budgets, and more are available on-demand to help you keep up with the latest trends in selling technology to the government.

    • Tanium and CDM

      May 22, 2019

      Learn how you can take control of your assets during this webinar, Tanium and CDM!

    • Dell EMC Isilon Starter Pack Webinar

      Apr 28, 2019
      Big Data and Analytics

    • Dell EMC DD3300 Webinar

      Apr 28, 2019
      Big Data and Analytics

    • Dell EMC PowerVault ME4 Webinar

      Apr 28, 2019
      Big Data and Analytics

    • Dell EMC Unity 300 Webinar

      Apr 26, 2019
      Big Data and Analytics

    • Data Protection in the Cloud with Arrow and Dell EMC

      Apr 26, 2019
      Big Data and Analytics, Cloud Computing, Cybersecurity

    • Web and Email Isolation

      Mar 14, 2019
      Cloud Computing, Cybersecurity

      How do you prevent malicious websites and email messages from reaching the federal government? Symantec’s web and email isolation provides a virtual air-gap between the endpoint and Internet, sending only safe information to the user. This prevents any website or email malware from ever reaching your device.

    • Making mobile access secure and convenient using derived PIV credentials

      Dec 12, 2018
      Big Data and Analytics, Business and Operations, Cloud Computing, Cybersecurity

      The government workplace is already using tablets and/or smartphones to access secure data, but the existing technology available to reach this data securely can be unwieldy and somewhat outdated. With the introduction of derived PIV credentials, you can use your existing secure technology to access important information without it being a hassle.

    • Making Infrastructure Invisible with One - Click Provisioning

      Oct 25, 2018
      Cloud Computing, Cybersecurity, IT Infrastructure

      In this joint webinar, Nutanix and Mellanox will unlock the mystery on how to simplify data center infrastructure management by demonstrating one-click networking with AHV (from Nutanix) and NEO (from Mellanox)

    • McAfee MVISION Federal Overview

      Aug 30, 2018
      Cybersecurity, IT Infrastructure

      In this webinar, learn about the new McAfee MVISION portfolio that’s focused on making its products even more interoperable with third-party solutions and multiple platforms. 

    • Hyperconverged Storage for Backup and Hybrid Cloud Solutions

      Jul 17, 2018
      Cloud Computing, Cybersecurity, Enterprise Mobility

      Secondary environments consist of several fragmented silos that are hard and expensive to manage. Join us for this webinar to learn how Cohesity can consolidate these silos, reduce cost by over 50 percent and provide a complete backup/ recovery and native hybrid cloud solution.

    • How to Allow Broad Web Access by Isolating Your Traffic

      Jul 17, 2018
      Cloud Computing, Cybersecurity

      Isolate web browsing - keep it outside of the enterprise! Enable users full web browsing experience, without the risks of bringing the web traffic into their enterprise!

    • Tap Into the Power of Adobe Stock

      Jun 26, 2018
      Business and Operations, IT Infrastructure

      Creatives everywhere are facing increased workloads and shorter deadlines. We will show you how Adobe Stock can help accelerate your organization’s creativity by finding the right stock imagery, video, and templates – up to 10x faster!  Adobe Stock’s worry-free licensing removes compliance concerns and frees creatives to focus on creating.

    • Everything You Need to Know About IT Sales Opportunities at Department of Commerce

      Apr 30, 2018
      Cloud Computing, Cybersecurity, IT Infrastructure

      The Department of Commerce’s mission of economic growth has many moving parts. And cutting-edge technology is playing a big role in keeping those parts well-oiled. Market Intelligence consultant, Tom O’Keefe, provides insight on Commerce’s IT priorities, funded programs and most-pressing challenges.

    • Security Metrics That Matter

      Apr 24, 2018

      Join RedSeal to learn how its solutions platform identifies cyber defensive gaps and runs continuous penetration tests to give stakeholders the understandable and actionable metric they need to drive toward resilience.

    • Law Enforcement Needs a Boost–Here's How Technology Can Help

      Mar 1, 2018
      Big Data and Analytics, Cloud Computing, State & Local

      The law enforcement landscape is changing and technology’s role in public safety is expanding. Market Intelligence SLED consultant, Rachel Eckert, explores how agencies are overcoming funding hurdles, the technology solutions successfully helping law enforcement and what challenges still need solving.

    • Unlock value from Big Data with Apache NiFi and streaming CDC

      Feb 27, 2018
      Big Data and Analytics

      Most agencies face a mounting data flow problem and few solutions have been able to help. During this one-hour webinar, you’ll learn about Apaches NiFi, an easy-to-use, powerful and reliable system that processes and distributes data and automates and manages the flow of data between systems.

    • Cloud Ramps Up at DOD—Here’s What You Need to Know

      Feb 22, 2018
      Cloud Computing, Cybersecurity

      The Department of Defense is getting more strategic with its cloud initiatives but there’s lots of confusion as to how it will play out. Market Intelligence consultant, Stephanie Meloni, and senior analyst, Mark Wisinger, discuss how various DOD organizations are approaching cloud and the best strategy and messaging for technology companies.

    • How to Capture More IT Business from HHS in FY18

      Jan 24, 2018
      Cloud Computing, IT Infrastructure

      The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has several IT challenges, including low FITARA scores and an outdated IT infrastructure. Market Intelligence consultant, Chris Wiedemann, provides insight on the role industry can play in overcoming these hurdles.

    • Combatant Commands: Big Challenges, Big Opportunities for Tech

      Aug 1, 2017
      Big Data and Analytics, Cybersecurity, Enterprise Mobility, IT Infrastructure

      Combatant Commands have a variety of missions, often operating in austere environments. You’ll learn how technology can play a role as Market Intelligence Senior Analyst, Mark Wisinger, unravels IT priorities, top decision makers and challenges at the various COCOMs.

    • Department of State Building Next-Gen IT Backbone

      Jul 17, 2017
      Cloud Computing, Cybersecurity, IT Infrastructure

      FY18 sparks a pivotal year for their next generation infrastructure advancement and you will want to find out what the future holds for State’s IT strategy as Market Intelligence Analyst, Kevin Shaker, shares technology initiatives and funded IT programs that are shaping acquisitions at the State Department, USAID and related agencies and bureaus.

    • Tech Paving the Way for Smarter Transportation

      Jun 9, 2017
      Big Data and Analytics, Cloud Computing, Cybersecurity, Enterprise Mobility, IT Infrastructure, State & Local

      Discover how technology vendors can support the growth of smart transportation as SLED Consultant Rachel Eckert shares what’s driving state and local transportation initiatives and what transportation systems of the future look like.

    • Army’s IT Modernization Plan – What Lies Ahead?

      Apr 5, 2017
      Big Data and Analytics, Business and Operations, Cloud Computing, Cybersecurity, IT Infrastructure

      The Army continues to face challenges in rolling out its IT modernization plan. Learn about the multi-domain solutions Army needs to advance its mission-critical IT priorities as Stephanie Meloni, DOD consultant, shares which Army organizations and programs will make your sales efforts more effective.

    • IT Sales Opportunities at the VA – Everything You Need to Know but Were Afraid to Ask

      Mar 7, 2017
      Business and Operations, Cloud Computing, Cybersecurity

      Find out how the new administration plans on prioritizing modernization efforts at the Department of Veterans Affairs as Market Intelligence Consultant, Chris Wiedemann shares technology trends and strategic initiatives essential to your FY17 territory plan.