• Actionable Information on Government Sales Opportunities

    immixGroup’s Market Intelligence organization gathers information on the public sector IT market and makes it actionable to accelerate the sales cycle for the manufacturers we support and channel partners like you. Our team of highly-trained consultants, market analysts, and senior business development professionals works with your sales and business development personnel to ensure they invest their time in the right places --- where the government has the need, funding, and authority to purchase your solutions.

  • We utilize a research-driven approach to make your government sales, marketing, and capture activities more successful. We'll help you develop targeted prospect lists, messaging, relationships, and campaigns by providing critical information on:

    • Civilian and defense programs
    • Key individuals and influencers
    • Systems integrators
    • Budget drivers
    • Spending priorities
    • Contract vehicles
    • Solicitations
    • Technology requirements
    • Policy trends
    • Relevant mandates and legislation

    Target Your Public Sector Sales & Marketing Efforts

    Up-to-Date Information

    Our Market Intelligence team finds sales-ready data on government programs, budgets, current business drivers, and key decision makers from a variety of sources, including:

    • Calls into Program Offices
    • Government Events and Conferences
    • Articles and Media Reports
    • Interviews with Government Officials
    • Budget Documents
    • Web Sites and Third-party Databases
    • Legislation and Policy Documents
    • Association Meetings

    Focused on IT Product Sales Opportunities

    We analyze volumes of information to identify the programs and offices that are most in need of your solutions. When you partner with immixGroup, we'll work with you to uncover the following:

    • Key Contacts and Systems Integrators
    • Technology and Business Requirements
    • Current Technology Products
    • Relevant RFIs, RFQs, and RFPs
    • Funded Programs and Initiatives
    • Health of Current Projects
    • Planned Projects for the Future
    • Spending Trends

    Deliverables to Help You Sell

    Our sales-focused deliverables will help you generate demand and set up meetings more quickly on behalf of our joint manufacturers. These include:

    • Briefings on Agencies, Programs, and Technology Categories
    • Organization Charts and Call Lists
    • Custom Research and Consulting Projects
    • Territory Planners for QBRs and Strategic Plans
    • Call Script and Messaging Support
    • Pipeline Development Initiatives
    • Opportunity Identification

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  • Testimonials

    • immixGroup is the best organization of its kind doing business in the Public Sector arena. I've worked closely with and have several Clients that are currently part of immixGroup's team of Partners. Their special "networking" sessions and great government/industry overviews of different market segments are second to none. I would recommend immixGroup to anyone either starting out or seasoned in the government space!

      Barbara Ellen Bridges, Founder & President

      PAR Excellence

    • I attended the immixGroup webinar entitled Sequestration and Federal Budget Update. The time spent on this webinar was well worth it. The presentation was timely, full of relevant content and provided a sound historical background of events leading up to the issues we are facing today. Well done immixGroup!

      Hilary Gentile, Federal Strategic Program Manager

      Technology Integration Group

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